BarterBender Gives Back to Charity

When we started developing Barterbender we realized we were creating a community of people who are a lot like us. We have a strong sense of community, people working together to improve each other’s lives, building a better community in the process. We believe that giving something back to the community is the best way to honor our members, to give each of you a choice of charities and to donate something every time you honor us with your business.

It is our privilege to donate 5% of our profit from every transaction you create on Barterbender to the charity of your choice, that’s 5% of “our income”, we’re not asking you for the money! Unlike other websites that ask you to “round up” and pay for the donation we’d rather do the giving, it costs you nothing and it makes us feel really good. We think that the you will appreciate knowing that every time you make a transaction on Barterbender you’re helping someone else, someone to heal or have a needed meal, to find shelter or warm clothes, help an animal to find a loving home, or help our heroes of war. Whatever the cause you choose Barterbender will make the donation, every nickel of every dollar, every time.

There are few things in life that are free but there’s no greater feeling than that of giving. You can feel good every time you log on to Barterbender knowing you are helping others and having a great time in the process. So go ahead, go on a bender, a giving bender, a Barterbender!