Register a hashtag domain

Register a hashtag domain on the Decentralized Web for $24.95 for an entire year and resolve your hashtag domain to any current website on the World Wide Web; read more about the benefits of investing in your own hashtag domain below and reserve your domain name early in the project to keep from having to buy it from someone else for significantly more. You’ve heard of hashtags on Twitter and how they can help generate interest in certain topics; hashtags on the Decentralized Web become permanent digital assets that you can use for marketing purposes- at an unbeatable cost.

3 Easy Steps to Registering a Hashtag Domain

  • Step One: Visit Hashtag.Space to buy your own decentralized hashtag domain. Owning your own hashtag domain will make it possible for you to resolve your existing website to the decentralized Web. If you’re not ready to take that step, simply hold onto your domain name for the present time; it’s yours for a full year, with renewal rights available annually.
  • Step Two: Type any word into the hashtag domain search bar; branded hashtags are being bought up quickly, so it’s essential to secure your domain while it’s still available. Internet resources, such as top ten keyword lists, can help you locate popular words or topics to use as a hashtag domain. You can also register a hashtag domain name that is identical to your business name.
  • Step Three: Take advantage of previous hashtag marketing tactics used on the World Wide Web to find a popular domain name to purchase. Marketing with hashtags typically involves using a common product or service keyword for maximum reach.

Why Do I Need a Hashtag Domain?

The way companies do business online is changing; the existing internet, which is owned and controlled by China and Russia, has left gaps in personal and corporate security and can no longer offer users the confidence that their information, ideas, and content are safe and/or protected from being targeted by governments with an agenda. The decentralized internet closes the gap and guarantees personal freedoms and corporate security, essentially opening up an entirely new space where individuals and businesses are able to express themselves, market their products & services, and perform everyday tasks online with a greater peace of mind.

How to Create a Hashtag For Your Brand

You can create a new website on the Decentralized Web or resolve a current site to your new hashtag domain name in a matter of minutes; Hashtag.Space makes the process easy and affordable. Your new hashtag domain comes with several perks that add value to ownership:

– One click site URL resolving. While logged into your account, click ‘# Domains’ from the left-hand side of your homepage and select ‘Site URL’ next to the domain name you want to add. Customers and clients will now be able to find your site on the Decentralized internet.

– Auto Renewal. You’ll never have to worry about losing your hashtag domain name to someone else.

– 5 free keywords. Click on ‘Manage’ to select up to five keyword phrases that will help you get found on the new Web. Add as much information as possible in the ‘Manage’ section to create a targeted marketing campaign that will increase sales or grow a following.

– Resell your domains. Purchase as many hashtag domains as you like, then set them to auto-resell on Hashtag.Space. Your domain ideas could earn you a lucrative income if another user is willing to pay for one or more of your domains. Get creative and invest in multiple domain names to hold, resell, or use to build your next business on the Decentralized internet.

– Explore. Create a downline and use your personal referral link to invite friends and family to the Hashtag.Space site. When someone in your downline decides to register a hashtag domain, your account will reflect a 25% bonus paid to you. You’ll find a thriving social scene awaits you when you click the # Social link- a place where you can earn additional bonuses just by interacting with other users.

Creating Social Media Hashtag Campaigns

Promote your business using your hashtag domain name on your favorite social media platforms- don’t forget to add your personal referral link to bring more people in to the Hashtag.Space community. As we build the Decentralized internet together, businesses in every sector will benefit from the work we perform collectively, and you’ll see a change in your bottom line as a direct result. For more information, contact the CEO of Hashtag.Space, Robert Bibb, at 1.304.933.1944.