What is Barterbender

Welcome to BarterBender, an exciting new concept in online trading. BarterBender was created by a talented team of developers guided by a single goal, to create the most flexible trading and selling website that is powerful, fun, and easy to navigate.

The idea for BarterBender was sparked by a compelling desire to create the best bartering website on the net. Countless hours were spent searching and reviewing the most popular bartering sites to see what needed improvement. What we found was that most sites were simply billboards to list items and send e-mails back and forth with perplexing rules and regulations making it confusing to conduct even a simple trade. You deserve something better and we stepped up to create it and Barterbender is the result.

We developed a framework and began consulting with developers and graphic designers looking for the right combination of creativity and technical expertise. The result is a dynamic, versatile, and easy to navigate website with powerfully intuitive tools and functionalities to make trading simple, fun, and instanteous. Not only can you trade with other members easily but you can trade in REAL TIME using live chat with instant results! No longer do you have to wait for trading partners to send and receive countless e-mails and messages, instead you can trade on the fly, in real time using live chat boxes, even on mobile platforms like Iphone and tablets! We even created a notification system so you’ll know instantly if the people you want to trade with are online, and if they’re not they get notified instantly via phone text messaging or an e-mail that you want to trade with them, no more long delays!

We also included numerous advanced features like Google maps and pop-up menus make the BarterBender experience simple, profitable, and fun! There are numerous ways to trade, sell, and auction your products and services. We took the effort and delays out of the process so all you have to do is sign up, add a few items, and start trading! It’s up to you how far you want to take it. So go ahead and go on a bender, a BarterBender!

The BarterBender Team