1.  Why does Barterbender ask for a membership fee for Premium Accounts?  
      Barterbender was created as a forum for a community of people who seek to barter items they have for items they need whether for personal gain or for to trade for essential items they and their family's needs  Because the internet is rife with fraud and other scams we determined that asking a small premium membership fee is the best way to keep the scammers out of the mix, forcing them to put their money where their mouth is, so to speak.  Also, the membership fee makes it possible to eliminate fees so users have no listing fees for items on Barterbender’s Auction, Classifieds, and Yard Sale pages.  These are powerful tools and the potential value to the savvy trader is far greater than the modest monthly fee.  One final advantage is the fact that if someone tries to subvert a transaction we know who and where they are and have information that will help Barterbender to enforce its policies on behalf of its users.
 2.   How does the bartering process work?
      Bartering is simple, you have something and you want to trade for something you want. The trick is locating someone who has what you want and figuring out how to get them to trade it for what you have.  Bartering is sort of an art and requires some poker skills and sometimes will require sweetening the pot with a little cash. It’s up to you to determine what items you can offer that will entice the other trader into closing the deal you want.  It will take a little back and forth but with the live chat feature closing the deal quickly is often the best way to get the deal you want.
 3.   How do you start a barter?*
      Everywhere in Barterbender you see a photo of an item, simply clicking any garage item will open an information box with a “live barter” button in the top right corner. Clicking on that button will launch the live barter platform where you can begin the bartering process.  Adding and removing items is instant and the live chat feature is available to instantly communicate with your trading partner to quickly and easily negotiate and close your best deal.
 4.   Can I barter services instead of merchandise?
      Absolutely!  In fact, we highly recommend service providers to offer their services in exchange for merchandise, even for food products and coop services.  Often, in the early days of trade, farmers exchanged (bartered) eggs, milk, cheese, fruits and vegetables, farm animals, etc., for farm tools, veterinarian services, equipment repairs, anything that they needed to survive.  Trading services for goods is as important to a successful trade as anything and we encourage you to add your skill sets to your garage and to be creative, you never know what you might be able to trade for!
 5.   What happens after the barter is done or closed?
      Each of you will receive a message indicating that the transaction has been approved by you or the other user.  You will then proceed to your shipping page to arrange freight for the items and finalize the transaction. If cash is involved you will be prompted by your shopping cart to make payment to your trading partner.  You will then package your items and ship them as agreed.  Once both parties have received their items you can go to your transaction history and click on the “Transaction Closed” button .  This signals Barterbender administration that both parties are satisfied.  We then ask you to rate this trading partner so other users can benefit from your experiences.
  6.   What if my trading partner doesn’t follow through with his end of the barter or transaction?
      Barterbender provides a dispute resolution feature where you can inform our administrative team that there is a problem that needs to be resolved.  We will then contact the other trader to advise them of the complaint.  You will both have an opportunity to resolve the issue amicably to your satisfaction. If this does not succeed Barterbender has, at its option, the right to suspend or revoke the membership of any user who, at our discretion, is deemed to be in violation of Barterbender policies.  It is in the best interest of all users to fulfill any and all transactions on Barterbender and we hope this will be the case.
  7.   What is the “Buyer Protection option”?
      The Buyer Protection option is an option we provided for protection against your transaction going wrong. The way it works is after a transaction is finalized and the Buyer Protection option is selected, Barterbender retains the funds for the transaction for 10 days allowing the items to be delivered.  As long as the items are received and "as advertised" the funds are released to the other party.  If a dispute is filed within the 10 day grace period the funds are frozen until the dispute is resolved between the two parties.  Barterbender has provided a Dispute Resolution page for this purpose.  If the dispute is not resolved then the Barterbender Dispute Resolution Team will review the facts, photos, and shipping documents to assist in resolution. Barterbender cannot resolve a dispute, only assist the parties in finding agreement.  If resolution cannot be accomplished between the two parties Barterbender will ask the two parties to "roll back" the transaction by each party returning the items to their original owners and to provide proof to that effect, then the funds will then be returned to the original party.  There are additional remedies outside of Barterbender's authority that are available to both parties and we encourage working with each other to resolve disagreements when they arise.  If one party refuses to abide by the rules or requests if the Dispute Resolution Team the user's account may be suspended until resolution is achieved.
  8.   What is the “Featured Garage”?
      Like all great businesses, your Garage needs a way to bring customers to it, right?  This is the purpose of the Featured Garage. It’s a place where you can highlight the important or significant items in your garage for everyone to see.  You can select any of your items to be displayed in the Featured Garage at any time by simply checking the box in your item description window marked, “Featured Item”.  This signals Barterbender that this item should be listed in the Featured Items window on the Home Page, and also in the Featured Garage page and will rotate in and out of these pages along with other Featured Items.  Your item will be displayed a number of times and will be available in all search boxes by other users.  The item remains a Featured Item for 30 days or until sold or traded.   You pay a small fee as noted in our pricing schedule and the fee is posted to your shopping cart.
  9.   How does your auction system work?
      Ours is simple, create your item, set your reserve, set your starting bid, and finally the length of the auction.  The item is instantly placed in the auction page and the countdown begins.  Where we differ from other auction websites is in the closing moments of the auction.  When a bid is entered within 2 minutes of the auction closing the timer resets for an additional 2 minutes to allow other users an opportunity to place a competing bid.  This process will continue until all bidders have entered their final bids and the counter runs out.  This eliminates the “bummer” when someone with a sophisticated technique beats the other bidders by entering a last microsecond bid to beat out everyone who worked so hard to capture an item. We feel this levels the playing field completely and gives everyone an equal chance to win an item.  May the best bidder win!
 10. How do your classifieds work?
      This is a simple listing system where you upload your item, description, and price and add it to the Classifieds pages.  Users can view, send messages to you with questions, and buy the item as they would any merchandise on the internet.  We added one feature where a potential buyer may decide to “Make an Offer” to you instead of buying the item at your suggested price.  It’s up to you to agree to the offer or decline it. You may also decide to make changes to the item such as price or move it back to your garage to be included in a barter transaction.  It’s totally up to you!

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*Some services are not available while we are currently in beta