Start to Create Your Listing:

  1. Log in to your BarterBender Account
  2. Click on Marketplace in the Upper Main Navigation Menu
  3. Make Sure you have all Content and Image ready for your Listing
  4. Locate the Green Plus Icon in the Upper Right Hand Corner of the Page

Step 1/3 – Create Your Listing:

First Start your Listing by Clicking on the Green Plus located in the upper right hand corner of your screen.
Listing Information – Make sure to Fill out each field for Event Info
What are you Selling? – This Field is where you type what you are selling. This will also be the Title of your Listing.
Category – This is the Category in which your Item or Listing will be placed. Click the Drop Down Arrow to see all Categories here.
Price – This is where you put the Price of your Item or Listing. Here you can select US Dollars, Euros, Pounds/Sterling. Make sure to place an amount fro your Item or Listing here. Do not use a “Coma” in your Listing Price Amount, this is an invalid character. Here is an example of what One Hundred Thousand Dollars should be entered as: (ie. $1000000.00).
Short Description – This is where you Add your Short Description about your Items or Listing.
Description – This is where you Add your Description about your Item or Listing. You can insert and Image or Emoji within your description. To do so locate the Image and Emoji Icon in the lower left hand side of the Description Box.
Location – This will be the Location were you are Selling your item from.
Listing Privacy – This is where you can set the Privacy of the Event or who you would like to be able to view the Event (Everyone, Friends, Friends of Friends, Only Me).

Step 2/3 – Edit Listing:

Suggestions Box Popup – First you will see a Suggestions Box Popup. This Popup will help suggest your friends who might be interested in viewing Yard Sales. Selected friends will get a suggestion from you to view Yard Sales.
Suggestions Box Popup / View Friends – Here you can select to view all Friends or Online Friends.
Suggestions Box Popup / Search By Email or Full Name – Here you can Search for Users via Email or Full Name.
Suggestions Box Popup / Select All – This is where you can select individual Friends and User or choose to Select All Friends and Users to invite.
Suggestions Box Popup / Message – This is where you can send a Message with your Invitations. Message only content 250 characters
Suggestions Box Popup / Skip and Don’t Ask Me Again – Here is where you can Skip the Suggestion Box Popup and Check Box “Don’t ask me again”.
If Suggestion Box is Skipped or Completed, you will then be brought the the Photos Section, you can Add New Photos here.
Edit Listing – Here you can review your Listing information and Edit the Listing if you like.
Add Photos – To Add Photos to your Listing, Click Add Photos. Drag & drop multi photos here to upload. You can upload a JPG, GIF or PNG file. The file size limit is 8mb. If your upload does not work, try uploading a smaller picture. Maximum photos you can upload is: 6. Once Photos are uploaded, make sure to Click Finish Upload Button.

Step 3/3 – Invite:

Invite Friends – This is where you can Search for Friends by either Email, Full Name or User Name
Invite People via Email – This where you can invite people via email address. Separate multiple emails with a comma.
Add a Personal Message – This is where you can add a personal message to your Invitation.